Sorelle Fine Arts specializes in painted  solutions for Interior designers, architects and private clients. Our expertise range from murals to restorations, from custom finishes to handpainted wallpaper and gilding. Our operation is driven by creativity, craftsmanship and excellence.



What is Verre églomisé  ?

Verre églomisé [vɛʁ e. ɡlɔ. mi. ze] is a French term referring to the process of applying both a design and gilding onto the rear face of glass to produce a mirror finish

Verre églomisé—the ancient technique of coating the reverse of a piece of glass with delicate metal leaf, etching patterns into it, and often adding color. We also employs mica powder and other materials to create special effects. This gorgeous technique is suitable in a variety of applications that range form table tops, furnitures' doors,backsplashes, light fixtures and wall art.

Please visit our store for our collection of sconces and contact us with your ideas for custom pieces, we would love to make your vision a reality.

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