Sorelle Fine Arts LLC was founded in 1995 in Los Angeles by sisters Cristina and Laura Capitanio.

After moving to the USA from Italy we established our business in the Los Angeles area. We first worked in the entertainment business decorating sets for movies and commercials but later specialized in decorative painting/arts within the interior design business. For the last 25 years we have been working on commercial and residential projects in the Los Angeles area , broadly in the USA and internationally.

Our passion is designing and creating beautiful environments, each custom to our client’s lifestyle, business and vision. Educated in Italy and traditionally trained by master craftsmen in the many disciplines of fine art and historical art restoration. We are also explorers of culture, architecture and life. We combine and celebrate the best of old world traditional methods with updated tools, materials and trends of today.


My work is a constant search for the best way to heighten a space and express the ideas and functions that space represents. 

I do not limit myself to one medium, style, or concept. Each piece I create is simultaneously a combination of the past, where I come from and what I learned as well as a preview of where I am going. Many of the traditional methods can be seen in my work: from watercolors, charcoal and colored pencils to the final hand-painted large wall murals, to the decoration of furniture, fresco painting and painting on canvas.  

 I know how to operate a large format printer and RIP (Rasterize Image processor) software. and I am fluent in the use of Photoshop, and illustrator. I use different software often to visualize a mural in the setting, create a flawless repeat in a wallcovering design or enlarge or print a hand-painted design. 


My artistry ranges from creating full wall murals, hand-painted or digital, to restoration of painting and furniture, fresco painting, trompe l’oeil, faux finishes, marbling and wood graining, gilding.

Gilding: using precious and non-precious leaves I can adopt different techniques and apply to architectural gilding, glass gilding, and furniture.

Restoration: using a variety of methods I have been able to restore anything from furniture, marble, wood and other peculiar surfaces. This skill allows the client to save a lot of money by not replacing  entire areas and saving object of great historical, monetary and emotional value,

Our Studio

We are a small, female-owned company with decades of experience navigating the world of painted decorations.  We are very much hands on with everything we create. When you visit our studio you will find us restoring a piece of furniture, painting a new wallpaper design or sketching for a potential project.

Our studio is very much like an Italian family kitchen. You will always find us discussing new finishes, new designs and whatever else tickles our souls.